John Loeffler

John Loeffler has been a major force in television, advertising and music for over thirty years. Honored several times by ASCAP as one of television’s “Top 10 Most Listened to Composers”, he has made his reputation with his distinctive melodies and catchy phrases.

The last few years have been active for Loeffler in film and television. After composing and producing the Sports Emmy-nominated soundtrack for the Paramount / CMT film, “Dale” – the Dale Earnhardt Story and the soundtrack for HBO’s Emmy Award-winning documentary, “Montana Meth”, he completed the score for “The Ride Of Their Lives”, a new film on the history of Nascar (Showtime/CMT).

In children’s music, he continues to create all the Pokemon music for the cartoon series (over 655 shows) and the very popular “Kidz Bop” albums (15 albums), which have sold millions of copies over the last 10 years. His album, “2B a Master” (Koch) sold over 3.5 million units. John has also spent over 25 years creating music for commercial soundtracks. He launched many recognizable campaigns, including Domino’s Pizza – “Gotta Be Dominos!”, “I Love Eggs”, Jiff Peanut Butter, and other campaigns for Coca-Cola, Avon, Windex, American Airlines, Red Lobster and Ford.

John has recently entered into a relationship with BMG Music publishing to create and develop a music label of new, undiscovered writer/artists for soundtracks and licensing. In partnership with Broadway Video Entertainment, he is currently attached as a co-producer on two television pilots with VH1 and MTV. John’s music production company, Rave Music, is currently located in New York City, where he has several other composers and editors on staff.

He graduated from Williams College, cum laude, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Psychology. He currently lives in New York City and Sagaponack, New York, with his wife Debbie, and his two children, Lucas and Kylie.